Pickle Jar

We love good food and sharing that food with people. Our adventures in BBQ started a several years ago and evolved into backyard BBQs. Those BBQs eventually lead to the creation of Pickle Jar food cart. We have taken our family recipes and experimentations, tested them on our friends and family and then offer our creations with smoke and vinegar with you. We use all natural meats, fresh produce and all of our pickles, sauce, pies and cakes are made in house. We hope that you all enjoy our food as much as we enjoy making it.

Location, Location, Location

We are at
Main Street in front of Walgreens

Monday – Friday, 11 am-2 pm

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Pickle Jar Menu

Sandwiches or Bowls 

‘Bama Brisket
Grass feed beef smoked in pecan wood, low and slow for up to 18 hours. Topped with collard greens, pickles and Alabama White Sauce. A little spicy, a little sweet and ever so smokey.

Apple Pulled Pork
Berkshire pork, from Uphoff Farm, low and slow for 22 hours – finished with a basting of apple juice. Served topped with vinegar slaw, sweet pickles and BBQ sauce.

 Smoked Chicken
All natural chicken is rubbed with our special season blend and smoked slowly till the meat falls off the bone. Topped with purple apple slaw, pickles and Mustard BBQ sauce.


Corn Bread 
Sweet and buttery corn bread.

Collard Greens
Spicy with a bit of tang, simmered with onions and a touch of bacon. Combine with corn bread for a classic southern treat.

Cole Slaw
Tangy vinegar slaw with a nice crisp.

Flavors vary.